domingo, abril 23, 2006

Some pictures of 4th Day

Me showing our site

"Carolina, this is my friend Tux".
"Hi tux, Dalton talks a lot about you, nice to meet you." hehe
Carolina is my Girlfriend!

Me and Marcelo Tosatti. Marcelo is a linux kernel 2.4.x maintainership

sábado, abril 22, 2006

3rd and 4th Day

Here we have a lot of other picutures :)


quinta-feira, abril 20, 2006

7th Brazil's free software forum!

The FISL (Forum Internacional do Software Livre "In Portuguese") stay rules a lot!! Our community are there and we are having fun :)
Above some pictures of the event:

This guy with the blue shirt came to our stand and asked "Please, don`t fight with me, I`m a phyton developer, but I wanna know something about java" LOL

The other guys:
Vitor Pamplona, Dalton Camargo, Phyton Developer and Elias.

Here we are showing our new banner.
Thanks to Ciencia Moderna that help us to buy it.
Roni Warken with Red Shirt and me

Here I`m showing my Best Seller (LOL), Spring in Action in Portuguese :)

Some important peoples have been there:
In the center of this picture is Klaus Wuestefel, the creator of Prevayler, Byecycle and other great projects. Klaus is the Director of Objective Solutions, this company helps our community paying a dedicated server.
Thanks a lot Klaus!

I`m here :)

Click here to see other pictures of FISL.

sexta-feira, abril 07, 2006

JavaBB 0.80 is available

I'm pleased to announce that JavaBB 0.80 is available!
Try it !

We have a lot of changes in this version! The security control has been changed and many features had been included. is a software based on Java, developed specifically with intention to join communities.
Based in phpbb, we are working pledged by the success of phpBB, to become javaBB so efficient as it.

Try it!

If you are using JavaBB in some project, let me know in comments.

Thanks a lot

Dalton Camargo
JavaBB Owner