quinta-feira, fevereiro 07, 2008

News of my personal projects

Hi all, I'm sorry about my delay in subscribing new posts, but i'm really busy in my personal projects and with my life.
Probably nobody knows, but I have two personal projects that I'm taking alone, one of them is: www.empregonaweb.com (emprego means jobs in English), like the name says, this is my Job Portal. The another one is called Infoblogs.com.br, this is about an IT Blogs aggregator, but not only aggretator, infoblogs has a particular database which the users can give "credits" for posts of the bloggers and so forth.
Those two projects are my "hobbie" while I'm not in the Gym or with my girlfriend (and another things), but the truth is that I love to maintain portals!

daltondecamargo at gmail.com